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Imports 6 Months Guarantee

Seventy five percent of our business comes from importing high quality vehicles from Japan, England,Thailand and occasionally Australia.

We pride ourselves in being specialists in this complex field. When importing for a client, cars are either duty paid or duty free depending on the client’s requirements. We also buy cars for our own stock, but these are duty paid. We never buy cars from Singapore or the UAE, they are too unreliable & often stolen or have fiddled mileages.

When buying for a client , we require a deposit of between 200,000/- Ksh and  500.000/- Ksh except when Duty free of 100% of the expected cost. If we are unable to find a suitable car, the deposit is refunded in full.

We favour buying in Japan, as it is easier to guarantee quality because we only deal in the auctions “live” where much information is forthcoming. The cars bought are always in A1 condition. Also mileages are much lower than in the U.K. This is because many people commute to the main cities by train and leave their cars at home.

Many unsuspecting buyers end up paying for vehicles that don’t exist because many websites in the internet are fraught with danger. The other day, I met some unsuspecting Kenyans who had sent $35,000 to Japan hoping to buy a vehicle and lost the lot! It was a fake company on the internet!

UK cars are inclined to be less expensive than Japanese vehicles. However, they normally have high mileages and often suffer from rust. This is because of the salt used on their roads in winter. Because of our duty structure, prices are less for cars seven or eight years old and thus such UK cars are very hard to find in good condition. In Japan, those who live in snow regions are required by law to use snow tyres as salt is not used.

In Japan we use an auction sheet that gives us accurate information about a certain vehicle. We are able to know if a car had one previous owner or not, if the mileage is correct or not, the condition of the exterior and interior of the car, what accessories the car has, if the car has had an accident or not and much more.

The confidence we have in our Japanese imports allows us to give a six months new car warranty. It should be noted that warranty is only carried out in a workshop authorized by me.

It takes between six to ten weeks to find a suitable vehicle, ship it and clear through the port of Mombasa. Once a car arrives, it’s given a bumper to bumper check and anything found to be faulty is repaired or replaced prior to delivery. Any paint defects, if any, are corrected prior to delivery too.

Kenyan law does not allow us to import vehicles older than 8 years old unlike Tanzania, Sudan & Uganda where we also export to.

In England, we use a very reliable and reputable company to source our cars. Although prices can be lower than Japan, mileages seldom are. For instance, you would never find a seven or eight year old Prado with genuine 15,000km, which is not unusual in Japan. Body and chassis rust can be a major problem in the UK due to the usage of salt on the road during winter.

We clear all cars in the port of Mombasa and transport them to Nairobi using car carriers. All duty and import papers are given in full to our clients.

Sean Garstin Motors is in a position to finance cars of up to 9 years of age,(Periods of 12 > 48 months) for approved clients. See our Calculator for costs.

We also assist in selling cars on behalfof clients. This can be very useful for expats or diplomats leaving Kenya as they normally need to use their cars until they depart. We can either sell the car duty free (if already duty free) or duty paid. This alleviates people having to sell their car in a rush at give-away prices which is often the case. Once sold, we forward the money to them anywhere in the world.

Warning: if something is too cheap, walk away, it cannot be done!

Please visit us for an elaborate, detailed and interactive discussion on how we can assist you in sourcing a “proper” vehicle.



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