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Coast Office Kilifi

Because Nairobi has been such a success, I decided it time to expand & open a Coast Office in Kilifi, to better serve our coast clients.

Here I am able to show how we import our cars , how the Japanese auctions work, the ins & outs of importing yourself, the pitfalls & the benefits of using our expertise.

Buying cars in Japan, is possibly the best & most reliable market, if one knows what you are doing, if not watch out, as have seen many disasters. The other day, I met a lady who thought they had a 68,000km Subaru from a dealer in Japan – upon checking I found that it had covered 184.000km.

It is a fascinating business & one that I have been doing for the past 15 years. We have, so far, imported over 600 cars from there & as yet never had a failure! This is why I give  6 month “new” car guarantee with all my Japanese imports. The same applies to my Thailand imports but that is due to my extremely reliable agent I have there.

Cars from UK & Australia can be ok but generally have much higher mileages. If a UK car is a few years old, rust underneath ,caused by salt used in their winters can be a major problem.

If you are considering buy a “new” car ,please call to make an appointment, so that I can assist you.


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